New UCS Central PowerTool version release!


Cisco released an update to the UCS Central PowerTool that fixes my issue I was having running a cmdlet to set the organization permission onto a common VLAN created in UCS Central.  Happy to report that this new version fixes the issue.  Now, I can finish my UCS Central VLAN workflow in UCS Director!

Will note that there are some cmdlet name changes that everyone should be aware of.  As an example, the cmdlet name I was using that had the bug was Add-UcsCentralFabricVlanPermit.  I found that the new cmdlet to use was Add-UcsCentralFabricVlanReq. -> For version 0.9.6 of the UCS Central PowerTool (with support for UCS Central 1.2(1))


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vExpert 2014/2015/2016/2017, Cisco Champion 2015/2016/2017, NetApp United 2017. Virtualization and data center enthusiast. Working too long and too hard in the technology field since college graduation in 2000.
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